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Gene and Amanda Brooks
Serving in Liberia
From: United States of America

Who we are:

We are called to serve Christ in Liberia, West Africa. SIM USA has appointed us as Church Ministries Coordinator for Liberia. Married since 2001, God has blessed us with seven awesome children, two boys, five girls aged twelve and younger.

Gene first visited Liberia on a short-term trip in January 2003, despite the ongoing civil war, for three pastors conferences in Brewersville, Gbarnga, and Ghanta. In the following months after Gene returned home, two rebel armies fought their way toward Monrovia in an effort to overthrow dictator President Charles Taylor. We prayed for our new friends in Liberia through the chaos and death. When the UN brokered a peace accord in September of that year finally ended the fifteen-year Liberian Civil War, Liberia was a failed state and listed by Money magazine as the World's Worst Place to Live and the poorest nation on the planet.

By late 2003, our prayers had ignited in us a passion for Liberia. It seemed perfectly normal to say yes when Samaritan's Purse asked us to lead their new office there as the Country director (Gene) and accountant (Amanda). We found ourselves overseeing three rehabilitation homes for nearly about 1,000 female child excombatants, feeding war orphans, and sheltering human sex trafficking victims from North Africa. We saw about 400 teenage girls come to know Christ. Gene also led a number of fruitful pastors' training conferences and preached in many churches.

When we came back to South Carolina to have our first child in late 2004, we found that Liberia remained in our hearts. We could not get that red dust out of our lungs! Gene has since returned on short-term trips in 2005, 2007, and 2014 to serve Christ there. We also helped Christian Revival Church Association in Liberia led by Rev. Dennis Aggrey to set up a USA nonprofit to receive funding properly.

* Diploma, Clinton (SC) High School, 1997.
* B.S. Sociology, Concentration in African American Studies, Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC), 2002.
* Field Accountant, Samaritan's Purse, Liberia, 2004.

* Diploma, Clinton, (SC) High School, 1988.
* B.A. summa cum laude with honors in History, Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC), 1992.
* M.A. Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA), 1998.
* Chairman/CEO, Mission Carolina prayer ministry for both Carolinas, 1998-2003.
* Ordination: Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church (Southern Baptist Convention) in Laurens, SC, October 2003.
* Country Director, Liberia, Samaritan's Purse, 2004.
* M.Div. Advanced Biblical Studies and Languages, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Wake Forest, NC), 2009.
* From 2005-2014 we served three North Carolina Baptist churches as pastor while continuing involvement in anti-human trafficking efforts.
* Certified disaster relief chaplain with NC Baptist Men 2012-17
* Mission America Coalition since 1998
* International Reconciliation Coalition since 1996.
California Prayer Walk (1995)
Operation Restoration Prayer walk along Sherman's path through Georgia and the Carolinas (1996)
Cherokee Prayer Initiative (1999-2000)
Amistad Prayer Journey (2002), and prayer journeys or mission trips in thirteen nations through the years.

What we do:

"How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?" God has used Romans 10:14 to call us anew to the need for His Good News to be proclaimed among the nations. It is a great privilege for the Lord to send us as His servants to Liberia to serve His churches and to proclaim the Gospel to the peoples there.

As Church Ministries Coordinator for SIM in Liberia, we will be responsible for Bible teaching, training and mentoring church leaders, preaching and teaching in the churches, and offering much needed encouragement and support to church planters among unreached peoples. God has called us as a family, and our children are a vital part of the ministry God has called us to. Just imagine the opportunities God will open for our family.

Participate with us on a prayer and financial team to send us to this important calling to extend Christ's Kingdom in Liberia.

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Involved with:

Evangelism/Church Growth
Theological Education




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