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Amberly Bannister
Serving in Bolivia
From: United States of America

Who I am:

I was born in a small city just outside of Atlanta, Ga. I got my bachelor's degree in Psychology at Liberty University in 2013. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted in life, but once I did I still had to figure out how to get there. I always had an adventurous spirit that wanted to see the world. I still want to meet all people groups and learn from them. It started out small going on school trips to various places in the US and grew to traveling whenever I could.
I learned that I can go to the nicest places in the world and it can feel meaningless, but once I started traveling on short term mission trips I began to have purpose for my adventures in life.
My first mission trip was to an orphanage in Russia. It was three years later before God opened a path for my next mission trip. This time I went to Ecuador. The following summer God led me to St. Vincent to do discipleship training with the local teenagers. The following summer God took me to Zambia, Africa. After I got back, I got connected with SIM. Now. I have been in Bolivia for a year. I work with at risk kids in The Jireh Project.

What I do:

I work with three local women: Vanesa, Rosy, and Marcela. Together we provide tutorial services and life skills for about 40 children on the south side of Cochabamba. Our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to have a better future and hopefully disciple them in the process. My goal is to show them that God loves each and every one of them individually. It is not an easy task, but the children are very loving and understanding.

Involved with:

Children and Youth




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