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Christopher and Holley Sierra
Serving in Burkina Faso
From: United States of America

Who we are:

We are the Sierra's
My wife and I have been married for 10 years and we have 4 amazing boys. Keagan who is 9, Kael who is 6, Mateo who is 4 and Eleazar who is 1. They are a ball full of energy and always keep us on our toes. They are very excited for the adventures God has called us on and are ready to get back to Burkina. My wife has her degree in music education and though she taught a few years she is a stay at home mother and home schools our boys. I my self have grew up playing sports including in High school, college, and even a couple of years of semi professional. Together we have both been youth sponsors for 8 years, as well as Holley working with teen mothers. Just got back for Burkina Faso after being there for 1 year

What we do:

We spent a year in Burkina Faso to learn culture and language. Now we are preparing to get back to Burkina Faso to run a sports ministry through the churches. In doing this it will not only be a way of reaching out to the community but also to build up the community. This is also done is a way that breaks down barriers to build the relationships with the people we are working with. To make this happen we do need to finish our french language learning and spend a few months in France to get to a higher level of French. Without the high level it will be harder to speak to church leaders who are highly educated. Then we will also learn a local language called moorč. Using sports to share the gospel is a great tool!

Involved with:

Children and Youth




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