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David and Nancy Writebol
Serving in Liberia
From: United States of America

Who we are:

David and Nancy sensed God's calling to them to enter missions early in their marriage. God has prepared and equipped them to serve through a variety of life and ministry settings. They joined SIM in 2013 after 14 years of service to orphans and other vulnerable children, serving in 2 other countries. During the EBola Crisis in 2014, Nancy was evacuated to the U.S. as an EBola patient and survived the disease. They are currently serving in Monrovia, Liberia.

What we do:

David serves as the Country Director of SIM Liberia, which carries with it the role of Executive Director of ELWA Ministries, comprised of the ELWA Hospital, ELWA Radio, ELWA Academy, Trinity Dental Clinic, and associated campus services with over 330 employees and 850 students.
Nancy, as Personnel Coordinator, serves the missionaries and short-term teams in Liberia, helping with their entry and adjustment into the country. She coordinates the member care and vitality of these servants. She also serves as a Master Facilitator of Trauma Healing.

Involved with:

Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership
Evangelism/Church Growth



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