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Dan & Casi Brown
Serving in Japan
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Our journey started in 2010. We had just recently had our first daughter, Abbi, and were happily serving and working at our local church. Things were well and comfortable, but they were about to change.

As we had been in God's Word and spending time in prayer together, we had a burden to get out of the bondage of debt. We wanted to live as simply as possible so that we may be able to use more of our resources to advance the Kingdom of God. We sold a car and our home, and paid off all our debt.

Through these steps we were free of debt and had nothing holding us back. We had been growing in the Word and were ready for cross-cultural work overseas. As we prayed for God to show us where He wanted us, God said stay. This did not make sense to us, as we were struggling with the leadership at our local church, but we just trusted God and His plan. In March of 2011 our local church went through a very difficult time and it was clear of why God had us stay. We were a source of consistency and encouragement through that time.

In May 2011 God blessed us with our second daughter, Ryli. A month after she was born, we started praying about a country to adopt from. After about a month of praying God had answered our prayer in a way that would turn our lives upside down. Casi had felt like it was a country in Asia. Dan was thinking more specifically Japan, BUT...he added, "the burden is not to adopt a child, it is go." We knew the call was to move and go make disciples in Japan.

So this is where we find ourselves today. Our heart is broken for Japan. There are 127 million people and less than 1% are evangelical. They need the hope of Jesus Christ. We are excited to see His Kingdom be built among the people of Japan.

We currently serve in the town of Rifu. It is a town of 36,500 people just outside of Sendai. We partner with the only church in our town.

What we do:

The objective of the Great Commission is to share the life of Christ. But in Japan, 99% of the population is unreached by the Life of Jesus Christ. An optimal way to do this is by multiplying churches, which can reach more Japanese.

90% of Japanese who become Christians do so because they heard the Gospel through a trusted friend or relative. Everything in the process of multiplying churches begins and ends with relationships that show forth the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

We are partnered with a great church, Oasis Chapel, and Makito Sensei. It is in partnering with them, that we are able to share the Gospel with the people in our town of Rifu. We are able to do this through the teaching of English classes, Dan is able to preach monthly, Casi meets regularly with moms in our community, serving among those displaced by the triple disaster on March 11, 2011, and just being out and about in our community building relationships with people.

Involved with:

Evangelism/Church Growth




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