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Stephen Nitte
Serving in Malawi
From: Nigeria

Who I am:

Stephen is a graduate of Medical Laboratory Technology course from Nigeria,with his training in the field of Medical Laboratory Science from FCVMLT,NVRI VOM, Jos.He has worked in this profession for 3 years period of service until he was convicted of Following God's call to Medical Missions earlier on in the year 2010. He has always been using what he has learned to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the people that are in needs. Ministering to human needs spiritually,relational, and physically and through Medical Outreaches organized by different organisations across Nigeria. Because of Stephen's passion for the lost souls, God led him in 2013 to SIM West Africa where he was processed.Before taking the steps into missions, Stephen is hails from Gombe, Billiri, and a member with Evangelical Church Winning All where he has been deeply involved with his home Church,especially in the junior church/youth group leadership where he partnered with Word of Life ministry international Nigeria, discipling and organizing bible clubs among teens in transition homes/school. While on process with SIM, Stephen considered going for a short term period of two years and half with EMS of ECWA, served as a medical missionary in the EMS children school clinic, where EMS missionaries and MK's who are sick comes for medical attention, while serving with Evangelical Missionary Society of ECWA,he has also gone through Trauma Healing training with other cross cultural evangelism training to help me get equipped for serving those recovering from crises and natural disasters in Malawi.

Partners in Hope Medical Center in Malawi is an SIM base Hospital where he will be serving for a period of 2 years or more. He will be directly involved with patients as well as doing laboratory work. This will help extend the healing and saving power of God. Malawi is being devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, nearly 16% of adults are infected with HIV virus. In the cities the rates are 25-40%. In its wake, the epidemic has orphaned over 400,000 children and this offers tremendous opportunities to wade into the ocean of these peoples need with the Gospel message of truth. Going there as a Medical Laboratory Technician will assist in providing quality health, (HIV/AIDS) care, training and developing of Malawian professionals is profound priority in order to impact the AIDS crisis.
Currently,Stephen has been granted the government permission to serve in Malawi and he's doing support raising/partnership development before leaving for field.

What I do:

Stephen would be involved with Partners in Hope Medical Center Malawi in a volunteer role of a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Involved with:

Medical and Health Ministry
Medical and Health Ministry




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