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Jules and Marie Josee Kazura
Serving in Senegal
From: Rwanda

Who we are:

Both Jules and Marie Josée grew up in the capital of Rwanda; Kigali in families of nominal Christians.
Jules was trying to be active in church from childhood, but committed his heart to Christ in his twenties. Just few days after his conversion, he began to testify about Jesus to his family and his friends. He also started to preach in different churches and in street. After some time he became a deacon. In 1998 he left behind the job as a college teacher and for two years he evangelized in rural areas without receiving any salary. In 2001 he decide to go for a theological training, after getting his university degree in theology, he worked in the department of evangelization and Church welfare in Rwanda, as the Coordinator of evangelism by audio cassette ministry in the largest evangelical protestant denomination in Rwanda with over 1000000 members, he was also in charge of two radio programs, one on the national radio station and another on a private radio station. In 2008 Kazura was ordained Pastor.
Since 2009 he was appointed to become the national chaplain, he was in charge of schools. Universities, prisons, military camps and hospitals. In 2009 he was convinced that it is time to go and use whatever skill he has got to help those suffering, mostly those who have never had a chance to get someone to care for them. He decided to leave his comfort zone and obey the Lord. Jules and Marie Josee are committed to go and make Jesus known where people are in darkness and spread the aroma of the salvation in the whole world.

Marie Josée committed her heart to Christ in her teen years. She was also blessed with good pastors who discipled her and encouraged her faith. She was active in church serving as a Sunday school children teacher, Choir member and a deacon.
Jules and Marie Josée when they met in 2005, they knew God was calling them to the mission field. Since getting married in 2006, they have been serving the Lord together through various ministries in Rwanda and now in Senegal. the Kazura are the first missionary to be sent out by their church to go for cross-cultural mission
In 2007, they welcomed their first child into the world; Joannah (5) and the second in 2008 ; Joella (3). Now a family of 4, they are excited to serve the Lord wherever He leads.


What we do:

Jules and Josee Kazura are presently serving with SIM in Senegal West Africa as church planting missionaries.Evangelize the unreached, Minister to human need, Disciple believers, Equip churches to evangelize

Involved with:

Evangelism/Church Growth
Evangelism/Church Growth




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