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Eli & Margaret Sweany
Serving in Senegal
From: United States of America

Who we are:

We met at a small Bible college in Kansas, and ever since then we've been working together to disciple MK's and supporting missionaries at Bourofaye Christian School in Senegal. Eli was raised in a Christian family; his father is a pastor and he spent summers on his grandparent's farms. Margaret is a missionary kid, raised in Guinea and then Ivory Coast where she attended boarding school for several years.

It is our passion to help guide and disciple the children of missionaries (MK's) towards a continuing love and passion for Christ. Eli's background in working in maintenance, as well as Margaret's background in psychology and her time as an MK boarding school student, prepared us with life skills to put our desire into action. We can see that God has directed our lives for this very purpose, having equipped us to help address a variety of needs which exist in a boarding school setting.

What we do:

It is exciting to see our life vision come to fruition as we serve in the dorms and the day-to-day work of BCS. MK education serves as one of the greatest challenges in placing missionaries worldwide. BCS is the only boarding school in Senegal which offers the possibility of boarding/educating elementary school children. Over the years, this school has enabled work to take place among the Wolof people in rural areas by educating and caring for the children of several SIM families.

We serve at BCS in a variety of ways. Our primary role is dorm parenting 11-14 year olds in Kingfisher, BCS's middle dorm. On top of dorm parenting, Eli puts his handiness to work in the maintenance department and this last year he was Dorm Coordinator for the 3 dorms and a part of the school's Leadership Team. Margaret has served in a variety of extra roles, most recently as a High School Art Teacher.

Through serving at the BCS, we desire to prepare students to live as examples of Christ wherever they go. By God's grace, not only will we minster to individual MKs, but many others around the world will also come to know Christ through them. We invite you to help us in this mission through prayer and financial support.

This year we are on home assignment: visiting family and friends, enjoying a much needed break, and renewing ourselves through training opportunities. We look forward to returning to BCS for the 2017-18 school year.

Involved with:

International Schools and MK Education




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