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Mary Santiago
Serving in Ecuador
From: United States of America

Who I am:

I am a graduate from Washington Bible College. I majored in Bible with a concentration in Theology. While I attended WBC I enjoyed working with youth and teaching them about some of the things I was learning about Jesus. Working with them has taught me so much about myself and about God. I love theology and teaching young people about Jesus. It amazes me to see Him at work in their lives!

What I do:

The ministry I will be leading in Ecuador will be to youth. The team already established in Ecuador has many programs in for adults and for children (3-10); however, the same cannot be said for youth (11-19). Their is a need for a youth ministry specifically for that age group(11-19). My challenge for the two years I will be there will be to create and to facilitate a youth ministry. It could also involve working with the high population of university and high school students in conjunction with the English ministry.

Involved with:

Children and Youth




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