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Randy and Wanda Potratz
Serving in Niger
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Randy is an IT Manager and ISO Auditor / Management Representative. Wanda is a licensed teacher. We are following the Lord's leading to return to Niger, West Africa after a six year absence. We are the parents of three outstanding young men who spent many of their formative years in Niger with us. Our four and a half years there have been pivotal in shaping how we see the the world wide church and it's awesome variety. Our God is so big and magnificent!

What we do:

We are in the midst of building our partnership team then onto French language school in Quebec with a target date of January 2017. After language school it is off to Niger where Randy will be working in a wide array of technical services and discipleship roles, and Wanda will be serving young women in Niger through literacy and women's ministry programs.

We want to show the love of Jesus to Nigeriens and the mission community through literacy, discipleship and technical services.

Listening, Learning, Serving

Involved with:

Technical Services
Literacy and Translation




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