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Nate & Ginna Killoren
Serving in International Leadership and Services
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Nate and Ginna have always wanted to fly and practice medicine respectively. Ginna knew from an early age she wanted to be a missionary doc. Nate planned on going into the Air Force, but was diverted to mission aviation by God through the help of a lot of things, including the Urbana Conference.

They met in East Tennessee where Nate attended flight school and Ginna attended medical school.

They joined SIM in 2008 and were based in Nairobi, Kenya. Nate worked as a pilot/mechanic at AIM AIR, in a partnership with Africa Inland Mission. Ginna served the SIM South Sudan team and also worked in a clinic for refugees and a clinic for missionaries and NGO workers.

In 2006, they accepted roles with SIM International and moved to the Charlotte area.

What we do:

Nate and Ginna serve in support roles. Nate coordinates SIM's security and crisis preparedness and response. Ginna provides care for SIM workers and also helps with strategic planning on how best to allocate medical personnel.

Involved with:

Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership
Medical and Health Ministry



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