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Paul and Clare Hudson
Serving in International Leadership and Services
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Paul was in medical school when he came to Christ at L'Abri in Switzerland, and met Clare soon afterwards at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. They were married the following year and heard the Lord calling them to medical missions after a short term trip to Africa. After training in medicine, Bible and public health they arrived in Ethiopia in 1986 for two terms. In the mid-90s they served in Nepal, but returned home two years later because Clare developed breast cancer. Paul served with SIM International in health, development and SIM's HOPE for AIDS program until they left for Thailand in 2004. For the next decade they served together with SIM in Asia; Paul as an Area Director and Clare as counselor and member care provider. They returned to the USA late 2013 because Paul needed neurosurgery. They now serve from SIM at home and abroad in leadership development and counseling, equipping others to serve. They have four children, three of whom are married, and five grandchildren. Their and her family are serving in Asia.

What we do:

In his leadership role Paul's aim is to coach and mentor younger leaders in medicine and ministry. Clare feels it a privilege to serve Christ through counseling others with a Biblical perspective, offering hope to hurting mission workers. She serves as part of a member care team based out of the SIM USA mission center. They believe that God's power is shown through weakness and that He doesn't waste any opportunity -- even difficult ones -- to shape us towards His glory in Jesus Christ.

Involved with:

Medical and Health Ministry
Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership




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