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Jose & Janeen Gutierrez
Serving in Ecuador
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Jose was born in Mexico and moved to Southern California at age 14. He is from a Catholic background and from an early age had a desire to know and understand the Bible. Jose first heard the gospel and placed his faith in Jesus at a Calvary Chapel church when he was 28 years old. His desire to study and better understand God's Word was fulfilled when he became involved at our sending church, Church of the Open Door, in Glendora, CA. A few years later, he took the Perspectives course at church, wanting to learn more about missions. It was there he learned that lots of missionaries are ordinary Jesus-following people obeying God's call to serve in foreign lands.
Janeen was born and raised in Southern California in a Christian home. The Lord first softened her heart towards missions as a child in children's church where her mom taught their church's missions' curriculum once a month. She first trusted in Jesus at age 7.
Jose worked for many years as a mechanical draftsman, designing conveyor systems to be placed in US postal warehouses. Soon after they got married, Jose went back to college at Biola University, both to complete his bachelor's degree and to take more Bible classes.
After getting her bachelor's in Elementary Education and her minor in Missions at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Janeen taught 5th and 6th grades in Puerto Rico for 5 years and spent one year in language school in Costa Rica. She then returned to California, took some Bible classes and was part-time on staff directing a pre-teen ministry at our sending church.
We were married in 2005, Natalia was born in 2007 and Alex was born in 2009.
In 2011, we began our first term with SIM Ecuador in the city of Loja.

What we do:

Our main ministry is called Growing Pastors. It's objective is to equip and encourage pastors and lay leaders. This is done through building relationships with said pastors and lay leaders, offering workshops and conferences to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Word, as well as to deepen relationships between pastors and leaders from different churches. What we currently have found to be most effective to equip and encourage them is a program called ESI, Equipping Servants. It's a three-year program designed to give a solid biblical foundation, to encourage pastors to build up a team of leaders to serve with them, and to build relationships and set up accountability among participants.
We also have involved ourselves in local churches. Janeen has trained and built relationships with children's teachers, as well as taught alongside them.
Our desire is to help equip the local church to proclaim Jesus name throughout Southern Ecuador...

Involved with:

Evangelism/Church Growth



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