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Joe & Amy Freeman
Serving in Niger
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Raised as missionary kids, both of us developed a passion for missions from our early years. While each of us began individually preparing to live as missionaries, God brought us together and gave us a shared vision to serve Him overseas. As we followed Him, God began preparing us through local ministries and has now led us to live and serve among the people of Niger, West Africa.

What we do:

Joe serves as a pilot/mechanic with SIMAir. As a developing country, Niger's limited roads make ground transportation difficult and even dangerous. Through aviation Joe provides safe transportation of fellow missionaries and supplies to remote locations. Serving as a professional also creates unique opportunities for him to share Christ where traditional missionaries may be limited.
Amy is learning the Zarma language to be able to work with women and children. This allows her to build relationships, share Christ and disciple.

Involved with:

Technical Services




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