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Stuart and Sindia Foster
Serving in Mozambique
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Stuart and I are part of the Lomwe Bible Translation team, working together to produce the whole Bible in the Lomwe language, which is spoken by 1.5 million people in northern Mozambique.

Pray for us in the Lomwe Bible translation and for coaching Bible translation teams for other languages. Pray for the initial steps toward a Lomwe Study Bible.

Pray for the PROFORTE Bible schools across Mozambique as they invite their communities to seminars as part of the Pastor's Book Set project -- bringing resources for leaders.

Our background is in college student ministry in Boston, MA, USA and in cross-cultural church planting in a Portuguese immigrant community. We came to Mozambique with a desire to mentor and teach leaders. Learning the heart language of the Lomwe people, we realized that the Bible in Lomwe (LOM-way) is a crucial first step.

We also get to work in the PROFORTE ministry of mentoring leaders through a network of Bible schools.

And we are excited about starting a partnership with Red Zebra Books to get fun-to-read books in Lomwe into the hands of children who have never had books.

What we do:

Praise God with us in finishing the translation into the Lomwe (LOM-way) language of the entire Old Testament!

And please pray with us and be part of our team of financial supporters as we press on to finish the New Testament in Lomwe and prepare a Study Bible.

We are starting to train a team of contributors for the Study Bible. And we are working on more fun-to-read books n Lomwe to be printed in October!

We are excited and grateful to be at this point !

The gospel first came to the Lomwe people in 1913 and 9 years later, the first converts were baptized. One hundred and four years later, Lomwe people don't yet have the Bible in their heart language.

The day that the whole Bible in Lomwe is printed is getting near! Pray with us for translating and formatting all of the remaining books of the Bible!

Stuart and I came to Mozambique while still in seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, USA. Mozambique was communist and the civil war was just beginning. Persecution had kept Christians from meeting openly, but small groups had multiplied through brave leadership -- and very limited access to scarce copies of the Lomwe New Testament.

That war has come and gone, and churches have been given freedom to meet openly.
Many challenges still confront the Mozambican churches. Our hope is for a Bible in the Lomwe language, and then Bibles in the other languages of Mozambique. And for godly leaders, grown through the Word and through Bible schools.

We'd love your prayers for this ministry and we are dependent on gifts for the Bible translation into Lomwe and other languages and for the PROFORTE ministry to Bible schools.

Pray for efforts to help Lomwe people get ready to read the Bible in their own language -- and producing fun-to-read books with Lomwe folk tales and Bible stories.

Involved with:

Literacy and Translation
Theological Education



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