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Fred and Grace Ely
Serving in United States of America
From: United States of America

Who we are:

Fred is an SIM MK and grew up in Ethiopia where his parents served for almost 40 years. Grace's dad served in the Air Force during her childhood and so she lived in several different places in the US and in England.

Fred and Grace met at Bryan College where Fred earned a degree in Business Administration and Grace in Natural Sciences with a high school teacher certification.

They have four children: Cindy and her husband Jeremy Maller have a daughter Callie and they serve with ReachBeyond in Ghana; Tim and his wife Bethany have two sons, Graeme and Drew and a daughter Moira, who serve with United World Mission in Germany; Cheryl is married to Lee Marthers and lives in Greenville, SC; and Michael who lives in Raleigh, NC.

What we do:

See our latest prayer letter at[UNIQID]

Grace works as Retiree Coordinator at SIM USA and her primary responsibility is serving our retired SIM USA members.

Fred served in SIM USA's Stewardship Department from 1977 until December of 2001 when he became the Deputy US Director, the role in which he currently serves.

We believe the Lord has led both of us to serve in a way that facilitates ministry and feel we are just where God wants us. We pray He will continue to use us for His glory in being a help and support to our US missionaries serving around the world.

Involved with:

Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership



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