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JennyBeth Gardner; formerly Alford
Serving in Africa & Europe
From: United States of America

Who I am:

The Lord blessed me with a strong Christian background in which He grew a fervent love of learning. In all fields of study--Bible, literature, science, history, really everything--I was delighted to find how each showed me more about my awesome God.

Then in my senior year of college, He brought to bloom the desire to serve in the mission field through my gifts of developing educational materials. I pray these will give others this same awe of finding God in every area of learning.

I began serving with TEN3 as a volunteer editor in 2009. In 2010, I took my first trip with the team to Africa, and fell in love with the Nigerian people and vision and heart for the Lord. I was then asked to serve as the curriculum head. At the end of 2010 I was accepted as a missionary appointee, but continued to serve on a volunteer basis while working part-time. I since took another trip to Nigeria and one to Zambia, training educators in transformational education. In September 2013, my support had built up enough that I could begin serving TEN3 as my full-time job. I am going to Nigeria for the third time October 27, where I will be working with teachers on requested curriculum for discipling primary school students while introducing computers.

I married Kenneth Gardner in September of 2015, and have been so blessed by his love, counsel, and support. We can't wait to see what the Lord has for us next!

What I do:

I serve as Curriculum Director and chief editor for the Transformational Education Network, discipling to the third generation (TEN3). We are serving the African churches' desperate request for education to address their spiritual, health, and economic needs. We see African churches overcoming the severe challenges they currently face and emerging as world leaders in education and the spread of the gospel.

One of the challenges that have prevented a strong education system in Africa is a culture clash between the Western way of thinking and the African. My branch of TEN3 desires to work with African scholars to develop curriculum that is designed to disciple, based on a biblical worldview, centered on Christ, and tailored specifically for the African context.

This ministry gives powerful tools to the African churches for evangelism and discipleship as teachers build relationships with students and teach them about the Lord, even in "secular" subjects like computers. Our program offers a method for integrated church planting, community outreach by churches already in place, and strengthening for young Christians against the lies the enemy propagates through the media.

I am currently based in the U.S., working online. TEN3 members travel occasionally to Africa to work with school administrators, teachers, writers and editors. I would love to move there some time, if the Lord opens the door.

Involved with:

Community Education




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