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Bolivia is the landlocked heart of South America. It is also one of the countries in South America least influenced by Protestant Christianity.


The mandate of SIM Brazil is to awaken local evangelical churches in Brazil to serve Jesus’ Great Commission through SIM ministries around the world.


Canada is a vast land containing a relatively small but very diverse population.


Chile, one of the most prosperous nations in South America, is considered 90% Roman Catholic and the remainder is considered Protestant.


Ecuador is a small nation which boasts the magnificent peaks of the Andean range. It is 95 percent Catholic, though in practice this is often mingled with indigenous beliefs.

International Leadership and Services

SIM's International Leadership and Services group provides leadership, support, care and oversight to enable the worldwide family of SIM to fulfill Christ’s mission in the world.


In the heart of South America, Paraguay is one of only two landlocked countries on the continent. It is often described as "half wilderness and half garden."


Peru is the home of the ancient Inca Empire and culture. It is a land of great physical beauty and diversity.

United States of America

SIM USA seeks to fulfill the larger SIM purpose by partnering the church in the United States with the church around the world to strengthen the church and to plant the church where it does not yet exist.


Uruguay is officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay! This is the only country in the Western Hemisphere besides Canada that lies entirely outside the tropics. It also has the highest percentage of atheists and non-religious people in Latin America.


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