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Note: Financial information is updated quarterly and therefore may not reflect the data reported in a more recent article.
Project Number Funding Progress


Alalfia AIDS Ministry of Northern Benin 93234
Fulani Bible Translation 93415
Leadership Training Scholarships 86410
Nikki Training Centre for Girls 93035
Radio Benin 80710

Burkina Faso

Centre for the Advancement of the Handicapped 93279
Fulani Bible School 93916
Mahadaga Medical Center 82375
Missionary Institute of the Sahel 93900
Ophthalmology Program 93911
Wells for Burkina 93855

Côte d'Ivoire

Fréquence Vie Expansion 95360
Hopestart Africa Training 95265
West Africa Mission Mobilization 95376


Deborah House Shelter for Street Girls 92704
EKHC Disciple-Making Pastors Training 92508
Ethiopia Emergency Relief Fund 83300
Ethiopia Water Project 92219
Evangelical Theological College Building Expansion 92940
Evangelical Theological College Leadership Development & Advance 92006
Forest, Fruit and Forage for Farm Families 92235
Gurage Bible School 92926
Hidden Abilities Ethiopia 92936
Langano Elementary School Operation 92753
Mekelle Youth Center 92742
Mekihima: Fellowship Bible Studies 92830
Nomads 92796
Radio Impacts Muslims 88900
South Omo Unreached People 92011
Sports Friends Camp Langano Facilities Development 92522
Sports Friends Ethiopia 92764
Textbooks for Amharic Bible Schools 92931
Tufa and Ambagodasede Food Security 92507


SIM Ghana Crisis Assistance 94901
Sports Friends Ghana 94008


Maninka Audio Media Outreach 95181
Maninka Bible Translation 86650

International Leadership and Services

HOPE for AIDS 99383
SIM History Conference: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 99672


Cell Church Development 92087
Dorcas Ministries of Nairobi 92164
Kenya Emergency Relief 92601
Kijabe Hospital Sanitation Project 90106
Kijabe Hospital Water Supply 90107
OpenHMIS: a healthcare IT solution for Africa 92576
Sports Friends Kenya 92150
The ARK School 92463


Christian Education and Teacher Training 95402
ECOL Administration 'Push' Project 95033
ELWA Academy 95401
ELWA Hospital HIV & AIDS Education 95209
ELWA Hospital Transition 95212
ELWA Housing Restoration 95346
ELWA Ministries 82900
ELWA Radio Program Sponsorship 95115
ELWA Services Campus Upgrade 95348
Equipping Leaders 95034
Liberian Church Ebola Response 95220
Radio ELWA Restoration 95107
Trinity Dental Clinic 95210


AEC Home Based Care 96253
Chichewa Bible Study Books 96058
HOPE for AIDS—Orphan Care 96255
Malawi Church Leadership Scholarships 96454
Malawi Disaster Relief 96759
Malawi Prevention of HIV & AIDS 96654
Pastors' Book Set - Malawi 96558
Sports Friends Malawi 96754


Instituto Teologico de Lichinga 96361


Namibia Pastors' Book Sets 94366


Danja Center for Health, Leprosy and Fistula 86775
Danja Fistula Surgery and Training Center 97516
Fulani Radio 97135
Fulfulde Ministry Training Centre 97820
Fulfulde Translation and Literacy 97427
Galmi Hospital 84400
Galmi Hospital Redevelopment Project 97450
Galmi Surgical Training 97215
Niger General Education: A Christian Perspective 97422
Niger Persecution Relief 97308
Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel 97355
Student Evangelistic Center Niamey 88960


AIDS Education & Prevention in ECWA 96220
AIDS Widow and Orphan Bucket Project 96703
Bingham University Teaching Hospital VVF (formerly Evangel) 96209
City Ministries 85550
ECWA Hospital Revitalization Egbe, Nigeria 96214
King's Kids 96901
Nigeria Relief Fund 96038
Samaru Widows' School Development 96708
Skills for Youth in Rural Areas 96603
Sports Friends Nigeria 96549
Spring of Life Egbe 96407


Kaffrine Scholarship Program 95300
Sports Friends Senegal 95190

South Africa

Lulisandla Kumntwana: Support and Foster Care for Vulnerable Children 97398
Mseleni Children’s Home 87330
Today for Tomorrow 97684

South Sudan

Church Discipleship and Training 98103
Gideon Theological College Facilities Development 84800
Homes for South Sudan 98300
Rebuilding Southern Sudan: Safe Drinking Water 98021
SIC Secondary School 98019
SIM Doro Clinic 98018
South Sudan Harvest Worker 98400
South Sudan Relief 82490
Spiritual Life Training for Sudan Team 98022
Student Scholarships: Gideon Theological College 98813
Yacob Aga Memorial Fund 98402


Hamasa ya Milele - Motivation for Eternity 92053


Mukinge Hospital Continuing Education 87344


HOPE for AIDS Zimbabwe: "Today for Tomorrow" 96296
Orphans and Vulnerable Children 96380


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