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Today's youth face many struggles and issues - religious and cultural identity, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, gangs, poverty, broken homes, unemployment, internet gaming, etc. How can the Church help young people address these issues and offer them hope found only in Christ?

Sports serve as a magnet - a universal language that can bridge the gap between the church and the community. All over the world, children, youth, and young adults are playing sports in the city streets and in rural fields, filling sports stadiums, and hanging out around ping pong and foosball tables. They are passionate about sports! We want to tap into that passion to introduce these young people and their families to the love and Word of God.

Sports also provide a natural environment for discussions around character issues and life lessons such as self-control, teamwork, honesty, respect for authority, and commitment. These discussions often present opportunities to transition to the truths of the Bible. The impact of a sports minister who demonstrates God's love can be tremendous - transforming the lives of youth, their families, and their communities.

"Prior to following Christ, I was a gang leader involved in every kind of violence and trouble. My life first began to change when a Sports Friends leader became my soccer coach. He loved me and told me about Jesus. Today, I serve as a sports ministry leader in my church. Many of my former gang members are playing soccer and volleyball with me and are coming to church. God is changing their lives and He's using sports to do it!" -Sports Ministry Leader, Ethiopia

The vision of Sports Friends is to see a global movement of local church-centered sports ministries transforming lives and strengthening communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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