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Skills Building in HIV & AIDS Ministries (99388)

This project addresses the continuing need to develop the skills of workers who serve those affected or infected by HIV & AIDS. This will help SIM to more effectively implement "principles of good practice," in other words, approaches that have been found most effective and compassionate.

SIM's responses to the HIV & AIDS pandemic falls within the framework of HOPE - Home based care, Orphan care, Prevention, and Enabling the church. This project will strengthen local capacity-building initiatives over a period of three-years by:

  • bringing together key players in HIV & AIDS ministries for country and regional training workshops
  • engaging local and regional expertise, and enabling the SIM HIV & AIDS consultant to visit local ministries
  • developing user-friendly planning, monitoring and evaluation resources so that SIM can have a standard of excellence in its service to AIDS-affected communities.

Specifically, funds given to this program will be put towards:

  • Contracting expertise for local capacity-building initiatives
  • paying for SIM's HIV & AIDS Consultant to visit the ministries on the ground
  • 3 regional workshops
  • 6 country level workshops
  • International networking and skills-building key events
  • Developing a workbook on project planning, monitoring & evaluation

Get Involved

If you would like to help Hope for AIDS build capacity among those who daily confront the HIV & AIDS crisis in Africa, Asia and South America, then please send your gift to your nearest SIM Sending office. We also value your prayers for those working daily in AIDS-related ministries. Only the power of Jesus and his gospel can bring joy, salvation and dignity amidst suffering. Thank you.



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