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HOPE for AIDS (99383)

UPDATE March 2013: This year saw the Master Project assist 124,145 people affected by HIV. The majority of the beneficiaries were children aged 10 to 17. We have a wonderful and courageous volunteer force of 3,220, coordinated by 299 staff. We HIV-tested almost 18,000 people, and counseled over 19,000. We worked with almost 8,000 partner organisations including local churches and national denominations, schools, and government departments.

In November, we conducted a workshop in Johannesburg for leaders from AIDS ministries around the SIM world. The goal was to provide skills training, enable the exchange of ideas, allowing space for spiritual encouragement and fellowship. The number of participants was 44, from 14 countries. Quality teaching was provided in the following subject areas: 1) Sexuality and Theology, 2) Church Based Program Approaches, 3) Team and Volunteer Management and 4) Palliative Care.

HOPE for AIDS is a collection of nearly 50 local, grassroots initiatives in 10 countries of southern Africa and India. Each of these programs are the vision of courageous women and men in local communities who have decided to take a stand against the AIDS crisis that is devastating their families and societies. All of these initiatives have the support and infrastructure of the local church and involve partnerships between churches and missions.

Capacity Building

The HOPE for AIDS master project allows each local project to benefit from a wide network of high profile, while maintaining its grassroots effectiveness and flexibility. HOPE for AIDS gives each initiative a voice as well as access to resources, training, mentoring, funding, and networks of encouragement and idea-sharing across communities and countries.

HOPE for AIDS also serves as a coordinator to ensure monitoring and evaluation of programs and tracks follow-through on recommendations. Without this, many projects would peter out due to lack of effective practices or funds.

There is no one right way to respond to a pandemic of this nature. That's why the diversity of approaches within the HOPE for AIDS community is so enriching. HOPE for AIDS has a holistic, four-fold emphases:

  • Home-based care : Christians care for sick and affected persons in their homes
  • Orphans and vulnerable children : making it possible for local Christians to care for orphans
  • Prevention : calling for godly lifestyles
  • Enabling the Church to respond : working in and through the local church

If you would like to know more about HOPE for AIDS, or one of the more than 40 local projects involved, then please visit www.hopeforaids.org (not all local projects are listed).

Get Involved

If you feel God leading you to become a prayer or financial partner, then we are eager to hear from you. With your partnership, you will be joining a motivated and talented team of women and men who are turning the tide of AIDS through the transformation of individuals, churches and societies.



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