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Releasing Captives, Building Community (98748)

Thousands of youth from India's Northeastern states migrate to metropolitan areas like Delhi. They come to study or to earn a living and support their families back home. But Delhi can be a hostile, unsafe and lonely place.

These newcomers feel like strangers and are constantly discriminated because their distinctive features differentiate them from other Indians. While seeking to adjust to city life, many youngsters get trapped into drug addiction and choose the path of making "easy money" through illegal activities such as money laundering or prostitution. Young families are there too, many affected by alcoholism, drug addiction and broken relationships.

The "Releasing Captives, Building Community" Project is an initiative of our Indian Partner, a Charitable Trust based in Delhi. Their vision is to see the Communities of North East India being restored to one another and to the people of mainland India and becoming an influence in their nation. They are committed to seeing the broken and marginalized brought into community, where they will find hope, freedom, and empowerment to live fruitful lives and engage creatively in serving and bringing change in the nation.

A multi-functional community centre located in a area of Delhi highly populated with northeasterners serves as the project's base. The work includes the following:

  • Provide medical care, counselling and spiritual support in a loving and accepting environment.
  • Follow up for pregnant women throughout their term of pregnancy.
  • Help for people coming from backgrounds of abuse, addictions, and suffering from tuberculosis or HIV and AIDS.
  • Family assistance through counselling and workshops on marriage and parenting.
  • Host events to create awareness, to celebrate unity and harmony between tribes of the North East and between the North East and Mainland India, while working to see discrimination on the basis of sex, creed, colour, caste, class, and religion eradicated.

Financial Support:

Your response will help bring healing into the lives of fragmented people and families from the northeast. You can contact your nearest SIM office or give online by quoting project 98748. Thank you!


"This place is helping me to grow as a person, to find hope and have faith in difficult situations."
- Sonlien, 38

"We are always welcome here, and I feel at home in the Jesiah Centre instead of going to other clinics. When my kids are sick, they get treated well and almost free of cost. It is good for people like us who have financial problems."
- Chin, mother of 2 children

"I feel like we are family together, it gives me a sense of security to know people are here for me."
- Joy, 20, student



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