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UPDATE March 2013: Our girls really like the remodeled and newly painted basement. The large space was under-utilized last year, but we believe the girls will spend a lot more time there this year in the summer (it is the coolest spot in the house).

At our party for Holi, an Indian fesitval that occurred at Easter, we had a picnic in a nearby park with lots of games. It was a good chance to observe the progress of the girls in a different setting. We saw a positive response from our seven girls at Easter Sunday service. We observe in the them a lot of openness to Christ.

This year we began coaching the girls in how to present themselves in court. Testifying against their abusers in a courtroom is very difficult and frightening. With mock trials, the girls learn what to expect and how to present their testimonies.

This year we established a pickle production unit, which we hope will grow into a thriving business which can attract women out of prostitution.

India is a major destination for human sex trafficking, with an estimated 2.5 million prostituted people in more than 1,000 red-light districts. Between one-third and one-half of these are believed to be minors, either born into brothels or trafficked.

However, God is opening life-saving doors for SIM in India. Together with local believers, SIM is shining a light into the dark pit of child slavery and prostitution in one of India’s largest cities through a project known as REDLIGHT-GREENLIGHT. The core component of this project is to open an aftercare home for minor girls (age 18 and under) rescued from sex trafficking.

As you can imagine, such a home requires far more than food and shelter. Social workers will coach girls how to testify in court against former captors and will travel in teams to a child’s village of origin to assess whether or not she is likely to be re-trafficked if returned to her family. An in-house school will focus on functional literacy; on creative therapies such as art, music, and sports; and on more advanced distance-learning because girls will not be able to attend local school. Counselors will help girls work through the trauma of their own stories and to receive healing.

In addition to aftercare, our team has identified other key responses to trafficking that are greatly needed. These include street ministries with people inside the brothel districts, mobilization of local believers through networking and media events, strategies to free slaves, and prevention measures.

That’s why SIM has established the REDLIGHT-GREENLIGHT. Working with partner agencies and local churches, we want to take Christ’s love and truth into red-light districts to see lives transformed and to give these children a “green light” out of bondage.

Our monetary needs will provide for start-up expenses and the first three year's operational cost for the home. These costs include everything from building rental, utilities and insurance to furnishings, food, medical care, and all of the needs these girls will have.

Given the extent of the need, please prayerfully consider sending your gift to SIM today. Your response will mean healing and hope for innocent girls who have suffered beyond anything we can imagine. You may give online or contact your nearest SIM office. Thank you.

"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners.“

-Isaiah 61:1

Some of the girls who come of age in the Redlight-Greenlight aftercare home are not ready to live independently. The Beauty for Ashes restoration home takes in young women ages 18 and older to ensure that they complete their education, find vocational training, complete their court cases, and take additional steps in their recovery before living on their own.

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