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India's urban centers are critical sites for HIV and AIDS intervention. Cities are where prevalence rates are highest, epidemics get started, and where HIV is contracted and then spread to rural districts. India's capital of Delhi, adjacent to the heavily populated states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, experiences an influx of over 1 million permanent and seasonal migrants each year. Many are exposed to HIV and return to rural areas or other cities, thereby spreading the disease.

Showing Compassion in the Face of AIDS

SIM assists its partner, the Emmanual Hospital Association (EHA), to serve People Living with AIDS (PLWA) in Delhi and its vicinity through Shalom. Home-based care, pastor education, mobilizing church volunteers, building community awareness, and training/capacity building for community-based partner organizations are all part of Shalom's holistic strategy.

For those already infected, Shalom staff and volunteers visit homes providing social, spiritual and emotional support as well as medical support. Together with another partner organization, material support such as school fees, food and other basic necessities is provided on a needs basis. Shalom staff members also hold trainings for families and neighbors on how to properly care for those who are ill.

Shalom focuses on the following activities and services:

  • Conducting outreach clinics for 'at risk' groups such as Injecting Drug Users & Commercial Sex Workers.
  • Offering training on HIV and AIDS to other NGOs.
  • Home-based care for People Living with AIDS (PLWAs) and their families.
  • In Patient and Out Patient services to PLWAs and their families.
  • Prevention Programmes for truck drivers (who are often transmitters of the virus) and school children.
  • Income Generation Programme for widows who struggle to provide for themselves and their children.
  • Adolescent Group for building self-esteem and health awareness (including HIV) in young people.
  • Networking with other organisations (faith-based and secular) working with PLWAs.

Vital Partnerships

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Shalom Delhi, together with churches, government and community groups, is bringing hope to Delhi. Because of the project, kids have options, women have healthcare and those infected experience a fuller life. Due to its previous history and experience, and through its capacity-building/training programs, Shalom has proven to be a key model and resource for other AIDS-related ministries across North India.


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To learn more, please contact your nearest SIM Office or visit www.shalomdelhi.org.



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