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West Dhaka Urban Renewal (98435)

Bangladesh is the most densely populated agricultural nation on earth. The country's capital, Dhaka, is growing at a rate of 4.2 percent a year, making it one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the world. Much of the growth is due to rural families moving to the city in search of work.

Most of these immigrants live in non-formal settlements, or slums, in and on the outskirts of the city. As a result they do not have easy access to drinking water, sanitary toilets, cooking gas, good medical care, and education.

Since both parents typically work full-time menial jobs, there is little input into the lives of their children. Kids either spend their time playing or are recruited as child-workers into various types of small industry.

Although interventions could be started at many levels, SIM has chosen to start with non-formal primary education for children who are not registered in other education programs. The aim is to run simple, one-room schools that will advance from grade one to grade three.

The schools feature drawing, crafts, singing and drama in order to make school fun and develop a love for learning. Children who stay in the program are then helped to move into the existing formal education system. The program leaders also hold monthly meetings with parents where matters of health, school attendance, and parenting are discussed, along with matters of the heart.

How your contribution will help

The need is tremendous, but your partnership will contribute to the education of children from desperately poor families who would otherwise receive no education. The schools are free to the children.

At present SIM is running four schools catering to the needs of more than 100 children. Your gift of just US$15 will help educate one child for a month!

Serve with us

We are seeking more people to be involved with us. We need those with training or experience in community development, community health, administration, and other professions. Mainly we need people who love God and love the people of Bangladesh.



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