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Yacob Aga Memorial Fund (98402)

The Yacob Aga Memorial Fund has been established and will be administered by the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church. The fund will:

  • support Yacob’s family, particularly his elderly mother
  • fund the work where Yacob served in Sudan
  • train Ethiopians for cross-cultural missions in Sudan and around the world
  • provide further education for his widow, Tibarek

Yacob Aga Ollie was among the first missionaries sent by the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (KHC) into the Sudan. He was serving in Yabus when he fell ill with cerebral malaria. He was promoted to heaven the next morning, October 25, 2010. Yacob was Ethiopia's first foreign missionary to die on foreign soil.

Yacob is survived by his wife, Tibarek Wondemu, who followed her husband into harm's way. Together they arrived in Sudan as newlyweds and worked four years under extreme and often life-threatening circumstances with the people of Thiangrial, Atar, and Yabus.

The message Tibarek gave in Ethiopia during the memorial service and funeral was not what we might expect. She challenged people to take up the work of missions. She herself desires to return to Sudan. Tibarek is currently enrolled in the missions school in Durami, Ethiopia, her career in missions very much alive still.

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