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Holistic Development and HIV (98383)
Health awareness and healthy behavior will improve, with action taken to provide a cleaner, safer environment. People will recognize the importance of education and encourage children to attend school. HIV awareness will improve and churches will become involved in home-based care. Communities will respect the presence of the church and recognize it as a catalyst for community well being.

Testimony Manjila is a student and even though she wanted to help support her family financially, she did not know how – and thought it would be impossible because she is a young girl.

Her mother joined a Self Help Group in the community and later that group, a local church and Good Neighbour Nepal started a basic tailoring training course. Manjila was chosen to attend the six-month training course so she could learn a skill to earn some income. After her course was completed, she helped as an assistant teacher in the training. Now that she has learned how to stitch, sew and cut clothes, she got a second-hand sewing machine and started sewing for herself, as well as for her neighbor. She started with repairing torn clothes. She also gets orders from a cloth store to stitch a set of clothes for babies. She is now confident that being “only a daughter” will not stop her from supporting her family financially .



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