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Radical Grace: Relational Approaches to HIV and AIDS (98382)

In 2015 there were 6,900 new HIV infections in Thailand and an estimated 440,000 people living with HIV. Highest sexual transmission infection rates were among those aged 15-24 years, with this same age cohort being least likely to access prevention and testing services.

With globalization and a rapidly changing culture having an effect on sexuality and relationships, people constantly moving across geographical borders and an increasing attitude of ambivalence, Radical Grace is seeking to respond in meaningful ways to the still-very-real issue of HIV.

Radical Grace: Relational Approaches to HIV is Thailand's application of SIM's HOPE for AIDS ministry. With HIV prevention and care at its core, 'radical grace' is expressed in Thai as, "The mission to bring hope to all of life"

The vision of Radical Grace is to see, "Families, local churches and communities responding to HIV and the issues surrounding HIV in a holistic way."

Its goal is to reduce the incidence of a symptom of broken relationships, namely HIV and AIDS. To achieve this, Radical Grace is designing and implementing creative HIV prevention strategies and models actively promoting care.

Radical Grace is partnering with local agencies to provide holistic training for faith leaders and organisations in the art of responding to the HIV phenomenon in Thailand, inclusive of helping them to see the possibility of organically integrating HIV strategies into their current space of influence.

Radical Grace is working in communities helping them to develop locally-specific transformation models, with a focus on (but not limited to) restoring strong relationships in self, family, community and country.

The Radical Grace approach is infused with a model of creating 'safe spaces' in which people can experience the grace of God.

The implementation of Radical Grace is framed within the following five objectives:

  • Building life skills for youth and families to deal with the challenges of sexuality.
  • Holistic care, support and healing for people living with HIV.
  • Stimulate and reinforce a holistic response by the local church to HIV.
  • Policy advocacy within networks, organisations and people working with HIV in Thailand.
  • Develop and disseminate information to support the work of Radical Grace.

Radical Grace is a locally led project under the leadership of Director Prasert (Daeng) Dechaboon and supported by a dedicated team comprising an additional four Thai staff and two SIM missionaries.


  • For the Radical Grace team and its various ministries and projects. Pray for wisdom in planning and considering new and emerging opportunities and partnerships.
  • For Radical Grace's prevention work with young people which is focused on addressing issues of sexuality and identity in relationships.
  • For Radical Grace's holistic care and support ministry for people living with HIV. Pray particularly for key groups with whom Radical Grace currently works including ex-prisoners, migrants and vulnerable women.
  • For Radical Grace's ongoing discipleship of new believers whom they are journeying alongside. Pray that each would grow and be encouraged in their faith and that they would be able to stand firm in physical, emotional and spiritual battles.


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If you would like to donate to Radical Grace: Relational Approaches to HIV and AIDS, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 98382.

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