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Emerging Missions from The Philippines

The Philippines enjoys a rich tapestry of ethnic diversity along its chain of 7,107 islands. No less than 114 distinct people groups call the islands home, and the Gospel has generally had an excellent hearing there. Today a vibrant and active church is thriving.

SIM began work in the Philippines in 1984 and continues today in the areas of evangelism, church-planting, and Bible translation. Very exciting is that SIM is coming alongside churches to encourage and equip them to send their own missionaries. In the last decade the Philippines has become a lively gateway for sending missions, both cross-culturally within its own borders and across the planet.

One outstanding vision of the Philippine church is to give witness to the love of Christ in the Middle East. Today at least five million Filipino migrants work in Muslim nations, and many thousands are Christians. Mission leaders in the Philippines recognize that if even some of these were trained to share their faith effectively, they would have the same effect as the young slave girl who advised Naaman the leper where to go for healing. (I Kings 5) A plan to train thousands of such workers has been set in motion and could have a profound effect on the Middle East.

While SIM places missionaries in the Philippines, we are also honored and thrilled to be part of sending Filipino missionaries overseas. If you would like to contribute to work of Filipino cross-cultural missionaries among ethnic minorities in their country, we would love to hear from you. Please contact your nearest SIM office and designate your gift to project 98296.

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