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In Mongolia, particularly in the countryside, students often lack the necessary textbooks for their courses. This is an even bigger problem for students who are poor. It is not unusual for two or three students to share one book. When there are no textbooks at all, students tend to transcribe all their lectures. This leaves them at risk of being inadequately educated, which affects their capacity to graduate, obtain a job and work competently in their field.

Parents in the community began to request prayer for “textbook money.” The church became aware of the magnitude of this need and decided to help in a practical way in September 2009.

They began distributing textbooks to primary, middle, high schools and one college. In this way, the church has sought to provide students with equal access to education, eliminating as much as possible the barriers between those who can and cannot afford the necessary resources for their education.

While distributing textbooks, the church noticed that teachers couldn’t write clearly on the old blackboards, and students couldn’t read them clearly either. Since then, SIM has been able to provide several schools with this basic teaching tool. This project is also helping students who need eye glasses.

This project has impacted all the teachers and students in the area around Sainshand in the Gobi Desert, and we thank God for the excellent relationships. If you would like to contribute to this project, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact your nearest SIM office or contribute online.

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