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Ravi and Priscilla are missionaries sent out by a minority Christian church in a Muslim country. They serve with tenacity and innovation in a region of Asia that is very hostile to Christianity. Centuries of injustice and war have created a chasm between Christians and the Muslims of this region. Trust is a scarce commodity. Kidnappings and murders mar the historical context of attempted ministry. Missions, NGO’s, and foreigners avoid this place, and for very good reason. It is a crucible for martyrs.

Yet this courageous and visionary couple feel called specifically to this city and ministry where they have served effectively for some years. Through an array of creative activities such as sports, baking, cooking, music, health, and beauty, they have found favor with the local community and have cultivated rich friendships with both children and adults.

The couple has already launched a few pilot projects on their own with limited funds, and has seen genuine excitement and interest. But they cannot take in everyone. The city’s depressed economy, limited employment opportunities, and chronic security crises have stunted its vitality; the community cannot pay for these activities.

The 3 dozen children are ages are 3 to 13 years old. All who benefit from these activities are Muslim.

Today Ravi and Priscilla are ready to expand their ministry to touch more lives. The Developing Friendships of Trust will help to support:

  • sports clinics and tournaments for children and adults throughout the year.
  • two women's gatherings weekly to cover lessons in cooking, health, and beauty techniques. The participants hope to equip themselves to improve their financial situation through small businesses.
  • music tutorials in guitar and keyboard, with expansion to other instruments. They hope to convert one room of their residence into a simple sound-proof practice room.
  • the purchase of equipment for reflexology massage and small shop. There is no foot reflexology massage in the city.
  • a ‘training center’ in the community. Though classes are offered bi-weekly in Ravi and Priscilla’s home, participants request even more. The parents have requested a facility, and for activities to be available every day! It would serve as a place for tutorial lessons for the children, baking and cooking, music and art lessons as well as activities for the parents who have been very supportive and who often join in to see their children. A simple but suitable facility has been found, but it needs funding.

Through these services, Ravi and Priscilla will grow their presence in the community, deepen trust, and ultimately live and share Christ’s incarnational love in times of hardship and suspicion. The term “martyr” means "witness", and indeed, others have born witness to this region and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Today, Ravi and Priscilla take the place of those who have gone before to bear witness, not as martyrs who die, but as living sacrifices. While they invest their time, talents, and daily physical presence, they need others to invest financially to keep them thriving for the long term.

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If you would consider sending a gift to Ravi and Priscilla, you may give online, or contact your nearest SIM office. This couple cannot continue ministry without financial partners. THANK YOU in advance for your prayers and support!



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