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CHETNA: Changing Lives in East Champaran (98260)

SIM’s Partner, the Emmanuel Hospital Association, seeks to improve the quality of life for more than 120 impoverished villages in Bihar, one of India's poorest states. This is achieved by encouraging communities to adopt positive hygiene and healthy living practices, reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS, and addressing specific health needs, high illiteracy rates and lack of education & income opportunities. A key goal is to facilitate communities to identify and address their own needs through community organisation, leveraging better collaboration and services from local government, women’s empowerment though self-help groups, and skills training for income generation.

Through six integrated programs—Community Organization; Reproductive and Child Health Program*, Adult Literacy, Youth & Children development, Sanitation, Self Help Group & Income Generating Programs (IGP)—CHETNA is serving an estimated 80,000 direct beneficiaries in some of the most impoverished communities in Bihar.

The expected results will be transformed lives and communities empowered with the knowledge and resources to take responsibility for healthy living,: status of women and adolescents girls raised through increased knowledge, skills and self-esteem; better income opportunities for poor families. A key indicator for the health objective will be reduced mother and infant mortality rates.

If you would like to donate to CHETNA, then please contact your your nearest SIM office or give online to project 98260. Thank you and God bless!

*The RCH component is not supported by SIM, but the other SIM-supported components contribute substantially towards RCH goals through CHETNA’s integrated approach.

UPDATE: In the beginning Sharda did not show any interest in joining the new Adult Literacy Centre in her village of Koraiya. Yet as a result of the hard work and persistence of a local trainer who regularly visited Sharda to help her understand the importance and benefits of becoming literate, Sharda was encouraged to join the group. Through Sharda’s diligence and hard work, she is now able to read books, fill in forms and do simple mathematics! When other women saw Sharda’s new-found skills in action, they too were inspired to learn and decided to join the literacy program.

Seeing the practical importance and benefits of being able to read and write, Sharda has started to send her children to school regularly.

She said, “It is very difficult to get anything done if one is illiterate, so it is very important to become literate”.



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