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FilSIM House of Barnabas Guest House (98191)

Can you imagine working around the clock in a hostile environment and not being able to get away to rest? Many Filipino missionaries know this reality well. They work in urban locations around the Philippines, members of various mission groups all working for the same goal: to see the church established among ethnic minorities.

Although they are still in their home country, many of them are serving far from home on other islands. They daily face the challenge of ministering in a foreign culture hostile to the message of Christ. In these communities they are the minority, trying to cope with a language and customs that are difficult to comprehend. Some are threatened by local religious leaders, and more than one has been killed.

Ministry can’t be scheduled the same way as a job at the office, and stress mounts daily, often with no real day off. A trip home to rest (24 hours by boat) often costs more than their allowance will cover. For years, SIM had recognized the necessity for a rest-house for these faithful missionaries. Their need for a place to rest and refuel is critical.

Since 2006, House of Barnabas has been meeting this need. This 5-bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood can accommodate 12-15 guests. Large living and dining rooms provide opportunities for fellowship.


Would you encourage these faithful workers by your prayers and giving? If partners like you are able to provide the funds to upkeep and maintain HOB, then Filipino missionaries will be able to stay there for less than $2 USD per night.



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