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Massive floods in mid-2010 displaced nearly 20 million people in Pakistan and resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history. Since August 2010, SIM friends have provided emergency relief consisting of basic food items and quilts to 37 villages. Though food remains a top priority, the need for durable shelter is also urgent. Phase 2 of the rehabilitation effort is underway to help rebuild homes so that families may resettle their villages.

Millions of Pakistanis use ordinary mud and traditional construction methods to build their homes. Mud is free, practical, available in abundance and, when properly finished, surprisingly attractive. Unfortunately, a mud house is vulnerable to persistent rain which softens its roof and walls. If floods come, the walls soften and break from the bottom up.

While walls can be rebuilt with mud or clay bricks, even simple roofs need a strong beam or a steel girder to support the other roofing materials—bamboo, straw matting, plastic and mud. Multitudes who have lost everything cannot now afford the cheapest roofing materials.

Flood Relief in 11 target villages will focus on:

  • Reconstruction of roofs and in some cases entire houses. Construction of entire homes is limited to the poorest, such as widows and the elderly.
  • Goat breeding program for poor families, orphans, disabled children, widows, and disabled husbands. Each eligible person will receive two female goats for breeding. This will generate regular income through breeding and selling. The owners will also gain valuable health benefits from goat milk products.
  • Water pumps to be installed in villages with a shortage of safe water.
  • Food packages will continue to be delivered to all 37 villages to support communities until the next wheat harvest in April and May 2011.

In addition, we are training village children in simple hygiene such as hand washing, teeth brushing, and the dangers of water-borne diseases. Each participating child will receive a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a small hand towel, a comb and a small pail.

When providing assistance we have seen that many villagers are surprised and encouraged that people from other countries care enough to help alleviate their suffering in practical ways. Please pray for those who continue to suffer through this devastating event. If you would like to come alongside to help Pakistani families, we would love to hear from you! Please contact your nearest SIM office or give online. Thank you!

OXFAM: Six months later, Pakistan’s flood disaster threatens to worsen.

August 2010--Pakistan is suffering the worst floods in over a century. Initially this affected the northwest, in particular the Swat Valley. The flood waters moved south bringing destruction to lower parts of North West Frontier Province—now called "Khyber Pakhtunkhwa."

So far 1,600 people have lost their lives and up to 20 million people are displaced or have suffered significant loss. The UN now reckons this to be a greater humanitarian disaster than the combined effects of the three greatest natural disasters of the past decade: The Asian Tsunami, the Pakistan Earthquake and Haiti. As the severely swollen Indus River moves south, it is bursting its banks and bringing flooding to Punjab & Sindh Provinces.

Over the past few days SIM has been distributing emergency packs containing: 10kgs of flour, one kg each of lentils, chickpeas and sugar, one liter of milk, one liter of cooking oil, and salt, red pepper and matches. We plan to continue distribution of these basic supplies, but expect that the need for medical help will increase.

In the north, roads and bridges have been severely damaged cutting off whole communities from the rest of the country. For weeks to come the only way into these areas will be by plane or helicopter. In the south the huge number of displaced people and unhygienic conditions threaten to cause mass outbreaks of waterborne diseases. The damage to Pakistan’s infrastructure will take a long time to put right.

In the initial stages we are seeking to provide basic food items and medicine. In the next stage there may be need to help with temporary shelter and possibly resettlement of people into their own villages.

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Please pray for those who are suffering through this devastating event. If you desire to give, please designate your gift to Pakistan Flood Relief, project 98170.

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