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Church Discipleship and Training (98103)

The vision of this project is to see church leaders trained at the grassroots level so that they are able to lead and pastor churches, evangelize the unreached, and disciple new believers.

Due to the civil war, most church leaders in South Sudan have received no training and have very little comprehension of the Christian faith lived in the love and power of Christ. Thousands of refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have returned to villages where churches are now being re-established. In order to aid church growth and maturity, this initiative was begun in 2008 among the Dinka Padang, Mabaan and Uduk people where other SIM projects were already established.Senior church leaders from all denominations participated in Needs Assessment Workshops where they determined what further training they need.

Phase one of this three-phase initiative includes a Bible teaching workshop and enabling local church leaders to understand the basic Christian message. This also includes baseline fact finding in an area where people have post traumatic stress, and where there are many challenges in recreating their lives with minimal outside input from Christians or even secular NGOs.

A missionary couple from Ethiopia, Abebe and Abebech, share and disciple the Sudanese living in and around Doro in Mabaan county. A number have been coming to faith both through preaching and they continue to be discipled. Abebe writes,

I am discipling 8 young church leaders. Three times a week, we are learning God’s word and praying together. Also, we are going out for evangelism as much as possible. On May 8, 2011, I preached in Doro church and 3 women believed in Christ. God has given us open doors to sharing the gospel with people. The people welcome us and hear the gospel.

Abebech is discipling two ladies. Both of them are new believers and one of them is a Muslim lady. The story of the Muslim lady is that they met her at the place while my wife was discipling someone that lives with her. Abebech shared the Gospel with her and she became happy with the message. A week later we left the Muslim lady believed in Christ. Now, Abebech is discipling both ladies. The Lord has given them a nice time of fellowship together. Abebech is also encouraging the Pekeji women to have regular prayer times. There is much need for prayer that the women will continue to meet together for prayer while we are away.


  • thank God for the independence of the Republic of South Sudan on 9 July 2011! God has kept our ministry going in spite of political conflict. Praise the Lord. He has done it!
  • for the spiritual growth of men and women that we are discipling and for the power of God to be present in our evangelism and discipleship.
  • for the peace of North Sudan and South Sudan.


If you would like to donate to the Church Discipleship and Training initiative in South Sudan, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 98301. Thank you and God bless!

Abebech, SIM missionary from Ethiopia, discipling women

Ray Lee teaching
Ray Lee teaching



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