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Bible Correspondence School (98026)

The Bible Correspondence School of Bangladesh has been a major contributor to the growth of the gospel in Bangladesh and the spiritual development of its people. Through the use of mailed Bible courses, barriers of distance, time and culture are crossed. Students around this nation can deepen their Bible knowledge, receive theological training, and prepare for ministry in house churches.

Students are found through the distribution of Gospel fliers and tracts at bus stations, markets, railways, schools, colleges, and universities. Many have responded to these fliers and eventually become students.

Of those who pass the correspondence course, eight students per year are selected to receive higher training. This specialized disciple-making curriculum is called Practical Training Program.

Today, 43 graduates are engaged in or leading a variety of ministries around the country. In 2015 the seventh batch of students began training. Here is one student's testimony:

My name is S. Khan. As a child, I came to know Jesus as my personal Savior through the influence of correspondence courses sent to me by a foreign organization. After completing this, I still wanted to know more about the Bible, but did not know how. During my teen years, I heard about a Bible Correspondence Course right here in Bangladesh, so I began taking it. After finishing the course, my interest was still high and I prayed. Then, I was asked to join the Practical Training Program. This Program has developed me in so many ways, giving me the opportunity to plan for ministry. With new knowledge and confidence from this course, I am leading a House church smoothly in my area.

The Bible Correspondence School began in 1958 in Manikganj town by Ms. Mary McDonald. Her desire was to reach those who live and die without hearing the Good News of Jesus.

The core activities of the staff and volunteers include:

  • Visiting churches and hostels
  • Mailing correspondence courses through post or courier
  • Arranging regional student seminars
  • Arranging workshops for believers and non-believers
  • Practical Training Program
  • Following up BCS Students


We are seeking new sponsors for the growing work of the Bible Correspondence School. If you or someone you know would like to give or to learn more, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 98026. Here are some practical needs:

  • One set of student books: US$ 10
  • One Bible: US$ 5
  • One New Testament: US$ 3
  • One seminar or workshop: US$ 300

You may also consider supporting the Guite family from Northeast India, an integral part of our Theological Training team in Bangladesh: the Guite family.

Thank you and God bless!

Pray with us

  • Praise God for His provision so far!
  • Praise God that many people are hearing the Good News and coming to Jesus.
  • Please pray for our staff and their families to have flourishing relationship with God.
  • Please pray for funding as this program is almost in the red.
  • Please pray for the current students in the Practical Training Program.
  • Pray for political stability and peace in Bangladesh.



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