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Rebuilding Southern Sudan: Safe Drinking Water (98021)
A woman fetches water from the edge of the Nile River

The Safe Drinking Water Intervention Project will provide access to clean water for up to six South Sudanese villages.

Part of the Rebuilding Southern Sudan: Church and Nation Program, this project will meet another vital need of the millions of refugees returning to South Sudan.

Many villages do not have access to safe drinking water. For those who settle near rivers or swamps, available water is not safe unless treated. In other areas, the land is dry, and water is scarce. Sometimes, even drilling is not successful because the water table is too low.

Safe, Clean Water by a Variety of Means

This project will provide drinking water facilities such as

  • hand-dug wells
  • water filtration/purification facilities
  • drilled boreholes (by contract)
  • water sanitation training

In each village, the needs, geology and funding available will determine the kind of facility to be provided. Each drinking water facility will be placed in the location of other Rebuilding Southern Sudan projects. This will support SIM's other health, education, and agriculture initiatives while also preventing water-borne diseases.

Providing Clean Water and Living Water

Like all of the Rebuilding Southern Sudan projects, the Safe Drinking Water Intervention will strengthen the church. Evangelism, church planting, and church leadership training activities will be a part of the installation of clean water in a village.

When a well or purification system is installed, the church will organize a dedication service. Then the project will be handed over to the local community authorities. Community involvement in the project through consultation and volunteer labor will ensure that it is owned by the village from its inception.


Your financial partnership will allow refugees to resettle their homeland without the risk of waterborne disease. Serving the people of South Sudan in this way will show them the Living Water of Christ and strengthen the church. Thank you for your investment in the future of South Sudan.


Your prayers are vital to this ministry. Please write to sudan.water@sim.org to receive regular prayer updates for this and the other South Sudan projects.

*images courtesy of Lane Davis



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