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SIC Secondary School (98019)

Project Overview

Education is key to the successful future of South Sudan. In a country held back by decades of war, there is a desperate need for a new generation of leaders, equipped with a solid education and Christian values. There are very few secondary schools operating in Upper Nile State, which makes this a hugely strategic initiative to be involved in.

The SIC Secondary School is a partnership between SIM and the SIC church and aims to provide students with a quality academic experience, in line with the South Sudan curriculum. Not only are we committed to students achieving their educational goals, but also to developing character and a strong work ethic. In the classroom, teachers find many ways to integrate their faith into lessons, lending a holistic approach to transforming lives through education. Discipleship activities, Biblical teaching, and community worship are all a part of the life of the school.

Through the eyes of faith, we hope to see our graduates making a positive contribution to the development of the church and nation, through taking jobs in government or with NGOs, or involving themselves in community or church leadership.


The SIC Secondary school was previously established in Yabus, Blue Nile State, but was forced to close after four years, in September 2011, due to bombing and conflict in the area. God prepared the way for the school to reopen in Doro, Mabaan County, Upper Nile State. Several of the students bravely risked their lives to retrieve textbooks and school supplies from the wreckage in Yabus, and many students were on the construction crew to rebuild the school, so needless to say, the Opening Ceremony in February 2013 was a joyous occasion! Hiakie Hegui (missionary from North-east India) led the school through this challenging period as Director from 2011-2013. The SIC secondary school is now the only independently run, English medium secondary school in the area, serving a population of over a quarter of a million people.

School Leadership:

The Project Manager is supported by an Advisory Council in making decisions and plans for the future of the school. The local school board is comprised of seven South Sudanese with representatives selected from several different tribes. They assist with solving issues with the local community and most recently lent their support to the process of official government registration.

Student Profile:

SIC Secondary School accepts qualified students irrespective of age, gender, tribe or religion. Our student body (current enrollment of 63) is comprised of 80% refugees and 20% Mabaan (local tribe). 8% of our students come from a Muslim background, providing a tremendous outreach opportunity.

Staff Profile:

Our staff is made up of five South Sudanese teachers from various tribal backgrounds, and four missionary teachers from all around the world, both short term and long term. This cohesive community finds unity in diversity, and truly enjoys working together. Our shared goal is to help realize the vision of Isaiah for the people of South Sudan: "All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children's peace." (Isaiah 54:13).


  • 4 classrooms
  • Office building (staff room, administrative office, storage)
  • 6 teacher housing units
  • Dining shelter (teachers)
  • Tea preparation shelter (students)

Students' Dreams for the Future:

Ayub Yakub (Form 1 student): "I pray that God would allow me to continue my studies up to a PhD, if He is willing. The career that I would choose is civil engineering, so that I can make my contribution in building our nation. I hope the Almighty God would enable me to accomplish my dreams."

Alnur Mohammed (Form 1 student): "I have a dream that one day, with the help of God, I will not be the same as I am today. I have a dream to be a lamb for Sudan, and a light for the next generation. I have a plan to transform the whole of Sudan and its people. No matter what difficulties I face, I cannot give up. O Lord, how long will we be suffering? I ask my Lord with lifted hands to help me achieve my goal."

Dikem Mahadi (Form 4) has plans for his future. One of the top students in his class, Dikem dreams of one day being a farmer, of turning the rich earth of his Blue Nile home into an agricultural enterprise. "Our land is plenty, but we don't have experience how to plant in a good way and how to raise animals," Dikem said. He knows the education provided by the school is essential to realize his dreams.


Our hope at the SIC Secondary School is to equip a new generation with a quality Christian education; even more than that, we desire to see lives transformed in the process, reflecting more and more of God's character, as shining lights to the world around. Your partnership will make this vision possible. Students pay tuition fees, which only partially cover operating costs the school (roughly $6000/month). Your financial gifts will help cover school supplies, teacher salaries, construction of new buildings (i.e. dormitories, dining hall), furnishings for the classrooms, library books, science lab equipment, etc. For further information on how to donate, click here.

Thank you for investing in the future of South Sudan!


Are you a teacher or school administrator? Would you like to make an eternal impression on the lives of these students, who could potentially be the future leaders of South Sudan? If you or someone you know would like to explore joining our team, we'd love to hear from you today! Above all we need teachers. Please see our full list of openings in South Sudan.


  • Pray for wisdom for those involved in the leadership of the school
  • Pray for recruitment of more teachers
  • Pray for provision of funding to cover operational costs
  • Pray for respectful attitudes and positive interaction between students & staff
  • Pray for peace in South Sudan

Please email Project Manager justin.agnes@sim.org to receive regular school updates.

SIC Secondary School Doro

SIC Secondary School Doro



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