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Fulfulde Ministry Training Centre (97820)

A long-dreamed of, much-planned training centre for ministry to the Fulani and Wodaabe people of West Africa became a reality in January 2010.

Following a Bible conference at Bulndu Duba in 2008, a group of leaders gathered to discuss consolidating ministry to the Fulani. They saw the need for a longer period of training for the teaching of literacy and Bible, to equip believers with the skills to be lay pastors, teachers, and mentors to their own families and communities.

A committee was formed that night. The chosen men prayed and planned, their hearts and minds united to accomplish the vision.

The location of the centre at Dakoro was a strategic choice—close to the Wodaabe grazing lands. The nomadic herders pass through this town to travel to southern areas. The local church has continued the ministry started by SIM missionaries, providing hospitality and teaching to the Wodaabe people.

Students in the Fulfulde Training Centre

The church has graciously allowed their property to be used as the temporary training centre. Student accommodation and classroom shelters have been added, constructed of grass matting.

The Centre’s teachers and staff are all gifted Fulani and Wodaabe leaders who are committed to equipping new believers to read and teach God's Word, so that worshipping communities which maintain their Fulani cultural distinctive can be formed across Niger.

God's answer
At the opening ceremony, Pastor Tanko acknowledged the example and testimony of national and mission leaders on his life. He told a story about a moment, 34 years earlier, when as a Bible student he had been witnessing in the Wodaabe grazing lands. A father of a Wodaabe family had asked him to pray for his newborn son. He said, “You are a religious teacher, would you pray for my baby, that God would bless him?"

Tanko took the three-day old baby, Tambaya, in his arms and prayed that God would place his hand on this infant and set him apart to become a man of God; an instrument for God to use in the spread of the gospel. As Pastor Tanko spoke, that baby, now grown to manhood, stood beside him, translating his words into Hausa for the non-Fulani speakers. Tambaya is now a gifted leader and one of the teachers at the Fulani Ministry Training Centre.

The first class of 2010
Nine male students—four Wodaabe and five Fulani—came to the course with the recommendation of their leaders. Three of the Wodaabe who were in their mid 40s were illiterate. The others were in their 20s and had varied degrees of literacy. None had been able to read in their own language but are now enjoying new depths of meaning in the Bible.

Class of 2011
The Fulfulde Ministry Training Centre reopened on 1 Feb 2011 with 19 students, five women among them. Apollos, as Director and teacher, encouraged the Fulani and Wodaabe students to strive for unity. Praise God with us that more students are being trained to minister to their own people.


  • that the students will settle, adjust quickly, and work hard at their studies
  • that teachers will be diligent and good life models
  • for teachers who have additional classes, for creativity and energy.
  • for stamina and good health for all


More church planters are needed amongst the Fulani and Wodaabe people. If you are strong in your faith, have a persevering nature and willingness to minister long term amongst these wonderful people, come and talk to us.


You can partner with SIM in the ministry of the Fulfulde Ministry Training Centre by giving a gift online. We need assistance to help to provide the permanent buildings needed for the training centre. Thank you!



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