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TODAY FOR TOMORROW IS A CHILDREN'S DISCIPLESHIP program for children in South Africa and Swaziland. Children learn that they are special creations of God whilst becoming aware of HIV/AIDS and the dangers of contracting it. They learn about making right choices, developing godly character, applying Biblical principles, taking responsibility and leadership in their own life, and respecting others. Reaching out to the whole child assists their physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional development.

SIM assists its partner churches and organizations to implement the program into their ministries to children and youth. Our aim is to make this fun program available throughout South Africa and Swaziland.


Lulisandla Kumntwana (LK) uses Today for Tomorrow (T4T) lessons for children from primary school age through secondary or high school. During three-day psycho-social

Today for Tomorrow
support workshops, the first day focuses on “Someone I love died.” The topic is introduced and the kids have time to share their own experiences. Most have not accepted the death of a loved one. During the second day, “Life is like a journey” assists the kids to understand that death is part of life’s ups and downs. They also discuss relationships, love and lust, and what's happening in their lives right now. The third day is for them to talk about what they learned; there is much positive response.

The LK team also includes lessons into the five-week program for the Youth Clubs - Life Skills, based on T4T, is taught in one week. The young people love the Life Skills and wish to continue with the topics during the next Life Skills Lesson.

LK still seeks funding for the Afterschool Clubs, so sadly most have closed. This is a great loss as the clubs helped many children.

Positive Ray Reef reaches about 900 children monthly.
Members of the HIV Awareness Team visited Igugulethu Primary School in February 2011 to present the Today for Tomorrow subject, “Life is like a journey”. 311 learners from the grade 6 and 7 discussed how to overcome life’s challenges and find solutions. While only five pupils went for counseling after the presentation, forty pupils gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The work was such a fruitful success that the principal requested the team to continue visiting.

Today for Tomorrow
Due to the size of the school groups, new facilitators are being trained. Twice weekly, Thandi teaches 19 staff the lessons from the T4T trainer manual and how to use the curriculum. There has been a spiritual growth amongst the teachers because of these lessons.

Twenty children, ages 10 to 18, are taught twice a week too. These kids are motivated to learn more about HIV & AIDS. Please pray that they share their knowledge with friends. Thandi also uses the curriculum for weekend youth activities and Sunday School.


Africa Evangelical Church
The AEC launched T4T as their official Sunday School Program at their Annual Conference in Swaziland in December 2010, with blessings from AEC President Rev. P. Mntambo. He challenged the denomination to take ownership of the ministry, and to participate in discipling youth. Rev. Chris Maphosa, T4T National Coordinator, encouraged the congregation further and made the entire audience follow his actions. They laughed their way through his presentation just like kids.

Today for Tomorrow
Mama Elizabeth organized 200 yellow T4T shirts for the conference.

Sunday School workshops in the first five months of 2011 have trained more than 350 new facilitators in 3-day workshops. Subjects which did not receive enough attention will be addressed during annual refresher trainings.

Those not so confident in English are waiting for the translated curricula. The Mseleni Circuit is using some siSwati translation, because it is close to isiZulu.

In Eastern Cape the teachers gather on Saturdays to prepare for Sunday. They keep each other informed, answer questions, help to present the lessons, and receive input from each other. The teachers have learnt much about children’s ministry and some now want to reach teens too. The region still needs further training.

In Swaziland some facilitators use the program in outreaches to local schools and during midweek programs. In Eastern Cape teachers started weekend Bible clubs for the children of the church and community.

The Swaziland AEC has a strong team of trainers willing to visit any other region to train.

NEW HOPE MINISTRY (Pietermaritzburg)
Each week 40 children are taught with T4T curriculum in Sunday school where both teachers and children are growing spiritually. The kids love the memory verses and repeat them proudly before the service starts so that their parents can hear what they are learning.

TECA (The Entabeni Children’s Academy, Pietermaritzburg)
A big group of more than 30 kids comes on Saturdays. They love dreaming about their future and what they want to become one day. They know all the songs and love reciting the memory verses. Jaya says that the lessons help her to explain the Bible. There are also positive results with the girls 12 years and older who are very open, know what's going on in adults' lives and contribute much. Knowing that they can say “no” helps them in making good decisions in dating. Unfortunately Jaya and another lady often teach alone, which is quite a challenge.


  • The siSwati curriculum was finalized in Nov 2010 and 500 copies were printed through AEC funding. Some copies were handed out during the annual conference. The remainder will be handed out at new trainings. Elizabeth, our translator, had problems with her computer and was not yet able to finish translating the Trainer Manual.
  • The isiZulu version is currently undergoing proofreading.
  • The isiXhosa translation is almost finished and will then undergo proofreading.


Key people will undertake the first national support visit funded through SIM HOPE for AIDS. Program partners will meet others involved in T4T in their area, learn, ask questions, and bring suggestions. The team will gain much insight into monitoring and evaluation and we hope that they will bring good suggestions for further project implementation.

Materials: Currently new curricula/manuals are printed in small numbers only and sold to our partners at printing costs. This ensures that we can continue printing as necessary. The second and third year curriculum have been edited in English and will soon be available for printing.


T-shirts: R 10,000 (US$ 1,471) (not yet funded)
Support Trip: R 28,660 (US$ 3,677) (received R20,000)
500 isiXhosa Curricula: R 17,700 (US$ 2,603) (fully funded)
500 isiZulu Curricula: R 17,700 (US$ 2,603) (not yet funded)
500 siSwati Training Manuals: R 5,427 (US$ 798) (fully funded)

Total: R79,487 (US$ 11,689)
Received: R 43,000 (US$ 6,323)
Still Needed: R 36,487 (US$ 5,366)



  • T4T is making such positive impact in the lives of children and volunteers.
  • Many children can enjoy already the user-friendly and applicable materials.
  • The timing is right - T4T is unfolding due to the commitment of all partners, especially the volunteers
  • Funding helps with further printing and the planned support visit.

Pray for:

  • Many children and young people to respond with their hearts to what they learn.
  • Spiritual growth for children and volunteers alike.
  • Transport assistance for Mama Elizabeth in Swaziland.
  • Those translating the curriculum and manual into the heart language of the children to be able to finalize their translations.
  • TECA: more committed teachers.
  • Positive Ray: for God to give Thandi the strength needed to train all the staff in T4T and for the young people to open up to the Gospel. Some are tempted to commit suicide after finding out their HIV status.
  • Lulisandla Kumntwana: Please pray that club attendance will increase and that the team will be able to use this great opportunity to help the young people develop healthy attitudes and relationships, and to teach them about the claims of Christ on their lives. Please also pray for funding for the Afterschool Clubs.
  • Preparations for the support visit, and for it to be a fruitful time of learning, sharing and dreaming.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and finances. We couldn't make the difference in the lives of these 2000 children per month without you. On behalf of Today for Tomorrow and all our partner churches and ministries, THANK YOU!

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