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Niger General Education: A Christian Perspective (97422)
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In Niger, the public education sector is drying up. Parents are desperate to find viable basic education for their children. Because the system has been struggling for over a decade, the government is encouraging private education.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference in Niger. Together with their partner churches, SIM Niger has set an exciting, life-changing goal—to provide quality education for Christian children and Muslim alike, and to make an impact on the nation at large.

The Niger General Education Project is laying a foundation upon which the church can build. It is casting vision and developing good teachers by equipping them to teach from a Christian worldview. Future plans for a second phase of the project are to establish a Christian Teacher Training College in 2008.

Training Teachers

The first teacher training course took place in August 2005. Christian teachers from both public and private schools came together to learn from retired educator and administrator, Jim Vreugdenhil. In addition to creative teaching methods, he emphasized that no education is value-free. When education is supported by the truths of scripture, it will lead the student to a deepening awe for the Creator.

teachers working on a project together

The teachers were energized and changed by the material. They responded: "Seeing my students as made in the image of God will change the way I relate to them."

"Before we taught without instilling a consciousness of God in our students, now it's clear that the child needs this more than all the knowledge of the world."

"I recognize now that God reveals Himself through His creation. As I teach about the created things around us, I can use them to point my students to their Creator."

Vision-casting was also a part of the teacher training. As the teachers and Professor Vreugdenhil traveled to churches in four cities, they ignited passion in close to 300 people through skits, testimonies and teaching.


Please support this crucial project to change the future of Niger. By your prayers and giving you can make a difference. Your partnership to support training for a Nigerien teacher only requires $12/day, or $158 for the whole two-week course. An additional $6000 is needed for publication of translated of materials and for purchase of other resources. Thank you for your vital part in this ministry!

Please pray

  • That God will release Nigerien men and women with a vision for Christian education to lead the churches in commitment and involvement.
  • For God to provide two teacher educators to found and lead the formation of the teacher training college.
  • For the teacher training seminars to give teachers a vision and skills to make an impact for Christ in their classrooms.
  • Pray for health and strength for the two teacher educator couples who are in their retirement years. Niger is a hot, desert climate.



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