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Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel (97355)

Biodiversity and food security have been decreasing at an alarming rate in the Sahelian zone of Niger due to land clearing, soil erosion and population pressure. This in turn leads to water loss, crop failure and famine.

The Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel project conducts on-site research into sustainable agro-forestry farming systems appropriate to the region and communicates the results through hands-on training and demonstration farms. It also provides training in nutrition, infant and maternal health and hygiene to improve the overall wellbeing of the community.

Improved Wellbeing

The new farming systems introduced in this project are improving the livelihood and wellbeing of participating villagers. Trials have shown that income has increased two to three times over traditional farming methods.

A village survey on acacia food showed that this high-protein food supplement has been widely and enthusiastically accepted in the villages which the project serves.

The food brings significant benefits such as increasing strength, helping staple foods to go further, and increasing the milk production of nursing mothers.

  At Chima's compound  

Issa and Chima’s story

When project workers visited the Zodaye and Alfari villages, they found that the demonstration farms had made significant progress, particularly due to the consistent work of two of the villagers, Issa and Chima.

At Issa and Chima’s compound in Zodaye, a group of 14 boys and girls were sitting in the shade painstakingly cleaning acacia seed for sale. All of the seed had come from Chima’s farm. The acacias give a seed harvest every March/April, at a time when food is running low and there are few or no other sources of income. Issa and Chima’s acacias are providing them with a valuable income and high quality food.


If you would like to help improve the livelihood of farmers in Niger, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 97355. Thank you and God bless!


If you have administrative skills, please consider serving as the Sowing Seeds of Change Office Manager.

Tree nursery
Village chiefs with tree seedlings



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