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Galmi Surgical Training (97215)


Several organizational and quality care initiatives key to the development of the institution as a full-fledged teaching hospital, were undertaken this year. Perhaps the most exciting event was a site visit by two experienced mission nurse educators to assess our nursing system and continuing nurses' education.

There is ongoing formation of program policies and procedures, academic and spiritual curriculum.

Construction of the first surgery training project housing units, an apartment triplex, is well underway. When completed, three 2-bedroom apartments will be available for our residents.

The structure of a training environment has elevated the level of care on both the surgical ward and in the operating room. Spiritually, we have begun to delve deeper into the ministry aspects of medicine and how to integrate our faith into the day-to-day care of our patients.

Only 349 physicians for a population of 15.7 million are registered in Niger, and the majority of the health workers live in cities.* Amidst this bleak scenario, Galmi Hospital provides consistent surgical services for a radius of at least 200 miles. Short term mission surgeons sacrificially fill the gap when the needs are great, but a longer range solution is needed.

God has planted a vision to see Galmi Hospital establish an accredited surgical residency program. This will train African Christian doctors for Galmi and for other needy areas of Francophone Africa. Partnering with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS), Galmi is undergoing several organizational and quality care initiatives in order to become a full-fledged PAACS teaching hospital. Graduating men and women will have been mentored in surgical technique and discipled in Christian living and service.

This effort is led by Dr. Joe Starke and Dr. Yakoubou Sanoussi, a qualified and gifted Nigerien surgeon who is one of the program’s professors. Dr. Sanoussi’s Christian character and surgical expertise, gained through this project’s funds, will be multiplied many times over, for the glory of God.

Surgical Residency Begins

Galmi Hospital was delighted to receive its first two residents in September 2012. Yves Mpongo and Jean Lenga, both from the Democratic Republic of Congo, arrived eager to learn. Jean, a pastor prior to attending medical school, is married to Marie and has five children. Yves is newly married to Sakinatou. By mid-October 2012 they were able to move into the newly completed resident apartments.

The selection process for our first residents was covered in prayer. Careful attention was paid to applicants’ character, medical competence and spiritual depth. We were encouraged by the quality of the applicants.

Even in the short time since their arrival, the fruit from this new program is evident. The structure of a training environment has elevated the level of care on the surgical ward and in the operating room. Spiritually, we have delved deeper into the ministry aspects of medicine and how to integrate our faith into the daily care of our patients. We continue to reassess the structure and content of this program to ensure the very best in education, discipleship and patient care.

Meet Binta

Following a church women’s conference in March 2012, one of the many vehicles carrying about 20 passengers lost control and rolled. The injured were taken to a local clinic where the staff gave first aid, and called for an ambulance from the regional hospital about one hour away. During the transfer of three women, one died from cardiac complications. Upon arrival at the regional hospital the other two women were assessed briefly, then sent on to Galmi Hospital, another hour east. Here, their injuries were finally cared for.

Binta at Galmi Hospital
Binta suffered an open fracture requiring an external fixation device; she remained under care at Galmi for one month. Words could not express her appreciation of the care she received from competent surgeons.

How we look forward to the day when qualified and competent surgeons staff even clinics across Niger! This surgical residency is one step toward that dream.


  • for the spiritual and professional growth of the residents.
  • for the families of residents as they adapt to a new environment and culture.
  • for Dr. Tabetha Bradley and her husband, Luke, as they study the Hausa language. Dr. Bradley will be a new faculty member for the residency program.
  • for finances to cover the cost of a second set of apartments for students and their families, which needs to be completed by August 2014.
  • for the possible future development of a nurses training and discipleship program, which would mirror the surgical training program. This dream is under discussion.


If you would like to donate to the Galmi Surgical Training initiative, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 97215. Thank you and God bless!


The team at Galmi Hospital is asking God for more workers to come alongside them. Please enquire at your nearest SIM office about these openings:

Surgeons for Galmi (PRF# 6694)
Physical or Occupational Therapist (8456)
Midwife or Midwifery Tutor (7027)
Nurse or Nursing Educator (7029)
Radiologist (7455)
X-Ray Technician (8210)
Master of Public Health Practicum (8372)
Maintenance (7026)
Bio-Technician (7448)
Building & Construction Supervisor (7449)
General Helper (7010)
Outreach and Discipleship Ministry (1757)

Galmi Hospital surgical patient
Patient with external fixation device

*Niger en Chiffres, 2011 publication by the Niger Ministry of Finances and the Niger National Institute of Statistics



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