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Fulani Radio (97135)

What does Fulani Radio do?

Fulani Radio aims to reach the Western Fulani of West Africa with the gospel.

The Western Fulani are a largely unreached community of around 500,000. There are about 100 scattered believers among them. Church planting among a scattered, semi-nomadic, mostly illiterate people community, in a country with an on-going security situation is not easy. However, over the past four years daily radio broadcasts have been reaching the Fulani with the gospel, and also providing teaching for the isolated believers.

How will my donation help?

Funds will be used to buy airtime on local radio stations so that the daily broadcasting of the good news can continue. MicroSD cards will also be purchased. These will be filled with hours of Bible teaching that can be played on mobile phones or mp3 radios. These MicroSD cards will be given to seekers, new believers and local evangelists.

Ali comes to faith

Ali* had been hearing about Jesus and wanted to know more. He sought out a missionary who was visiting his town to ask questions. The missionary explained the gospel to him and gave him an mp3 radio with hours of Bible teaching. Since then Ali has given his heart to the Lord, has been baptised and has led at least six of his friends to Christ. He says God's word is 'sweet like honey and he can't get enough'. He testifies how children used to stay away from him because he was so grumpy, but now they come to him to hear the stories of Jesus. People greet him, "Hi Christian," instead of using his name. It's meant to be an insult, but he says, "Praise the Lord! That is who I am! I'm not like the others any more. I have come out from among them and am saved. Jesus Christ is my Saviour and I have eternal life!"


For those listening to daily radio broadcasts - that hearts will be opened to the truth.

For those with mp3 radios, that they would be used well and bring many into the kingdom.

For the new discipleship radio programmes from Matthew's gospel, that they would be a great help to the new believers.



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