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King's Kids (96901)

King's Kids cares for orphans as well as abused, neglected and needy children in Nigeria's central city of Jos. This ministry holistically addresses the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of children under their care in Jesus' name.

It's objectives are:

  • to provide nourishing food for 300 children
  • to provide regular check-ups by a staff nurse and supply necessary medicine
  • to purchase school supplies and pay school fees for 300 children
  • to maintain facilities that are fully operational at all times
  • to share the Gospel with the children through full-time trained Christian staff

King's Kids is a ministry within City Ministries, which operates under EMS, the missions arm of the Evangelical Church Winning Africa (ECWA).

Kings Kid teen girl
Teen girl at the Transition House
2013 Update: King's Kids has now opened a Transition House so that the oldest girls in the ministry can be trained to be independent, godly women. The house is now lived in by nine girls ages 15 to 21, along with the house parents.

The girls attend secondary school or vocational training. They run the home themselves, taking turns in cooking, cleaning, running the generator and handling money.

God miraculously provided a house in a good location and just the right size at the right time.


  • for the children, that they will achieve their true potential educationally, emotionally and spiritually
  • for our staff who give so much of their time, love and compassion to these children
  • for more missionaries to come to Nigeria to help work alongside and train our staff
  • for peace in Nigeria, especially in the city of Jos

If you would like to give towards King's Kids, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 96901. Thank you and God bless!



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