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Pastors' Book Set - Malawi (96558)
Malawian man stands beside a stack of 65 books
Pastors' Book Set Registrar,
Chamambala stands with
the stack of 65 books that
each pastor will receive.

In May and June, 2,000 Malawian pastors and church leaders will have an unprecedented opportunity to receive their own personal library of 65 books—resources that will equip and empower their ministries.

SIM’s Pastors’ Book Set project will provide vital training for those who seek to lead a church in Malawi where less than 5% of all pastors are seminary-educated.

Training Conferences to Equip Pastors

The books will be distributed at special training conferences in four major cities: Zomba, Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre. These conferences have been organized by SIM, in partnership with the Evangelical Association of Malawi, an umbrella organization for evangelical churches in the country.

Each five-day conference will equip pastors on topics such as:

  • preaching and teaching
  • Islam
  • marriage and family
  • HIV and AIDS
  • reaching children and young people
  • stewardship and finances

A line-up of local and international speakers will be featured. At the end of each conference, the pastors will receive their libraries, which cover the same topics that they have been engaged in discussing.

A Vision to Build the Church

"SIM Malawi has a vision to build the Church in this country," says former SIM Malawi Director Ryan Hannah, "and equipping hundreds of local pastors with the resources and knowledge that will educate and inspire their ministries is one way we pray God will move to fulfill the vision. The Church in Malawi is strategically able to reach many communities. Yet many pastors lack training and resources."

Each pastor attending a conference will pay about US $75, though the value of each book set is more than $750. SIM is able to offer the book sets at this discount after negotiating with publishers, authors and printers and through the generosity of Christians who help to subsidize the books through their donations.


The cost to pastors is half the amount needed to make the project happen. In addition to paying for the books, SIM is also offering lunches for each participant and accommodation for the conference speakers. Your partnership will make this happen.

Please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 96558. Thank you and God bless!



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