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Today's youth face many struggles and issues - religious and cultural identity, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, gangs, poverty, broken homes, unemployment, internet gaming, etc. How can the Church help young people address these issues and offer them hope found only in Christ?

Sports serve as a magnet - a universal language that can bridge the gap between the church and the community. We want to tap into the passion young people have for sports to introduce them and their families to the love and Word of God.

The vision of Sports Friends is to see a global movement of local church-centered sports ministries transforming lives and strengthening communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nigeria became the second field of ministry for Sports Friends in 2006. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and has substantial influence across the continent. Sports Friends has trained thousands of Nigerian sports ministers who are serving throughout their country and in other regions of North Africa. In a land where religious and sectarian tensions continue to rise, we pray that sports ministry will offer a peaceful outlet for the youth.

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