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Malawi Church Leadership Scholarships (96454)
Pastor Stazio
Pastor Stazio is one of
18 pastors for 65 AEC churches

Pastor Stazio shepherds six different congregations. With some churches up to 52 kilometers from his home, he leaves a day ahead of time to make the four hour bike ride, alternating weekend services at each church. In Malawi, the Africa Evangelical Church (AEC) denomination has approximately 65 churches, but only 18 AEC pastors to lead them. With a shortage of leaders, men like Pastor Stazio are left to shepherd congregations.

Bible Colleges Equip Church Leaders

The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) is working to change the current situation. The college provides both certificate and diploma programs for aspiring church leaders. Additionally, EBCoM offers continual ministry training in the form of extension courses and refresher seminars. By investing in these current and potential pastors, God is using the college to grow and strengthen the Malawian church.

EBCoM classroom

But there's a problem.

As citizens of one of the world's poorest countries, most of the men who have a passion for church leadership are not able to afford Bible college tuition. To help, SIM has come alongside the church and developed a scholarship program. Six students received scholarships to EBCoM during the 2006-2007 school year, and seven more students received scholarships to attend Bible colleges in another part of Malawi and one in the UK.

A Strong Commitment

As a graduate of EBCoM, Pastor Stazio represents the commitment to ministry that Bible colleges help instill in their students. Looking after six congregations can be demanding and stressful, but even when it gets tough, Pastor Stazio is not about to give up. "I've been chosen by God," he said, "so I can't resign."


Please pray for Pastor Stazio and the other AEC pastors who are serving faithfully with many responsibilities.


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