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Instituto Teologico de Lichinga (96361)

Instituto Teologico de Lichinga from Tim Cowley on Vimeo.

Build a Discipling Culture in Northern Mozambique

Mike Breem in his book, Building a Discipling Culture, insists that Biblical discipleship is a healthy balance of invitation and challenge, an invitation to experience and become a Biblical community of learners and a challenge to daily live life according to God's Word. INTEL, Instituto Teologico de Lichinga, is a new project started in 2014 by SIM with the support of other local churches to invite and challenge Christ-followers to create a disciple-making culture in the northern province of Niassa.

Mozambique is a war torn and vastly underdeveloped country (ranking 198 out of 200 in the 2012 UN Human Development Index) in SE Africa. But even in great suffering God is moving. The church is growing. The Spirit is active. Evangelism is happening throughout the country. The problem is that discipleship is not happening and you will find that few churches understand, apply and teach the Bible. The lack of understanding and discipleship is due to many cultural beliefs and a lack of access to solid Biblical training. INTEL will provide quality Biblical training and seek to create a culture of discipleship. The institute will serve the whole of the Niassa province which is the biggest province (bit bigger than Pennsylvania) in Mozambique with a population of 180,000.

SIM decided to address this burgeoning need, and in 2013 started meeting with local churches and other missions to discuss a new initiative - to open a Bible institute in northern Mozambique. They found unanimous support so God's call was clear, and in 2014 SIM began the process to open INTEL with a goal to begin classes in the winter of 2016.

SIM informed the government about this project and began communicating with local pastors to encourage an open dialogue about the school. They are developing the infra-structure, curriculum and processes while also developing a board of missionaries and Mozambican believers. The purchase of land is in process and when completed construction can begin. SIM has also just begun to raise the capital funds necessary for construction of facilities.

INTEL will have several unique characteristics as adapted to its context. It will give special emphasis on oral Bible teaching to help people teach God's word in a mostly oral culture. INTEL will offer technical training such as carpentry, agriculture, mechanics, etc . . . to help pastors or lay leaders earn a living since most churches cannot pay salaries. The institute is creating a "mobile classroom" where a team is trained to go and teach various subjects which will then be offered to rural churches.

We need you. First, pray. Pray that local churches will be active participants in the opening of the school. Pray that INTEL will obtain its registration with the government (a process not yet defined). Pray God will raise a small group of faithful believers to serve on the board. Pray for the funds to purchase the land and construction of school facilities.

Second, give. INTEL can use your talents. If you have computer networking, computer programming, marketing, and web design experience then your talents are needed. INTEL can also use Portuguese books to build up its library and functioning old laptop computers for a computer lab. INTEL can use your funds to construct and develop school facilities. The capital funds needed over the next 4 years total $270,000 USD.

Come. Build a discipling culture with us.

If you would like to donate to SIM Emergency Food Relief efforts, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 96361. Thank you and God bless!



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